Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Scorcher

Summer certainly is making a grand entrance at the party this week. Walking outside is like stepping into a very warm bath, and if you're like me, you feel like you're just barely keeping your head above water. In the heat, your energy wanes and you feel overwhelmed by all the activity that summer demands. It's hard to keep moving with that sun beating down and the humidity rising. You just want to curl up in front of the AC and take a nap.

What a great time to remember to take good care of our bodies. Drink gallons of water and take advantage of all the fresh, cheap fruits and vegetables that are in season right now. Keep your feet happy with some airy espadrilles or flats. Put on your most breezy maxi dress. Wear sunscreen.  Rock a great hat. I got my first wide-brimmed chapeaux this year, and what a joy it is to have instant shade no matter where I'm wandering.

But summertime traditionally is also a time when our soul health is in peril. Self-hate is just as pernicious as the heat. We hate our arms in sundresses, we hate our thighs in swimsuits, we hate our toes in sandals. We tell ourselves lies about how we compare to the next girl. And no amount of buying and outward fixing can really take away that self-hate. 

I try to encourage all the ladies who come into Poppy to be kind to themselves, body and soul--not because of what they have or don't have, but because they've been beautifully made from the inside out. It's a message I share because I need to hear it too, again and again.

One of my favorite parts of working at Poppy and Stella is meeting all the wonderful people who walk through our doors. Our fabulous customers are beautiful inwardly first, loving themselves and others well. And that inward beauty radiates out into a loveliness that goes beyond their great fashion sense. 

So to all my Poppy ladies--be kind to yourself this summer! Drink your water and take care of your skin, but also teach your soul to forgive your faults. I think you're just beautiful.

-Charlotte, Poppy & Stella ATC

Monday, May 6, 2013

Staff Picks: Victoria

I'm Victoria, from Poppy & Stella in Fells Point! I wanted to give some background on the fabulous butter LONDON line of cosmetics, and how I plan to incorporate my favorite shades of nail lacquer and lippy into my summer wardrobe.

butter LONDON nail lacquer and liquid lipsticks allow you to achieve perfectly polished  looks reminiscent of those found on any high-fashion runway. The polishes are 3-Free, meaning that they are made without the use of the harmful carcinogens that are found in common drugstore brands--  Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP.

We carry over forty different shades of butter LONDON’s vivid polishes and ten different shades of their coveted Lippy lip color, so you’ll have a wide range of color, texture, and opacity to work with when creating your custom style.

I love to use the Nail Foundation for a pretty, natural buffed finish. I’d complete this ethereal daytime spring look with a blousy white top, tailored khaki shorts, blush colored patent flats, and the sheer iridescent Hen Party lippy.

For an edgier night life look, I’d use the bold teal Slapper lacquer with a chevron stripe in neutral Crumpet, or even a French tip with the ever cool Matte Finish top coat. Pair with sky-high black wedges, high-wasted shorts, and a chic cropped top, and finish the whole look with a pop of lip color: Macbeth lippy will give your outfit that perfect punch of neon attitude. 

Whichever color, shimmer, or finish you choose from the butter LONDON collection, your sleek, well-executed look and rocking demeanor will be sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Nail Foundation, $19.
Nail Lacquer in "Slapper" and "Crumpet," $15 each.
Lippy in "Macbeth," $18.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Staff Picks: Charlotte

Our staff is as diverse as our merchandise, but we all have one thing in common: a MAJOR obsession with shoes and style! This week we introduce a new series of posts featuring the shoes, accessories, apparel, and trends most loved by the ladies of Poppy & Stella. Charlotte from our ATC location starts us off with a little background on her love of Gentle Souls and her Okey Dokey sandal.

Hi everyone! I'm Charlotte, and this will be my very first sandal season spent at Poppy & Stella!

My new obsession is the Okey Dokey in taupe by Gentle Souls. Its sleek birdcage design makes this a shoe that can be a statement piece, adding interest to any outfit, or a unique summer neutral. Its classic, feminine shape wraps around your foot as delicately as lace. But the best thing about this shoe is its feel. Deerskin, ranked the 3rd strongest leather, forms the lining and contours to the shape of your foot over time. Flaxseeds under the footbed provide a dynamic environment for your feet, similar to the sensation of walking on sand, so that at the end of the day your feet still feel happy and alive.

Okey Dokey by Gentle Souls, $187.