Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Don't Forget! Charity Shopping Event Tonight

Charity Shopping Event tonight in our Fells Point location and tomorrow night in Annapolis! Get 15% off your entire purchase, get 25% off with a $50 donation!

Fantasy Fashion Becomes Reality

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, lived a princess with a love for fine footwear.  In this princess's castle was a tower, but not just any tower, this tower was special for it housed the beloved red soles.  The princess had a different pair for everyday, stilettos, platforms, boots, wedges, flats, booties, if you can imagine it, it was in this special closet.  Her father, King Louboutin, made sure his little girl had only the best the world could offer.
Ok, in my perfect world I would be this princess and these would be the shoes I would be wearing today.
Christian Louboutin, $1095
This twisted suede bootie is just pocket change for a princess at $1095.  Alas, I am not a princess and even though Christian Louboutin is still royalty when it comes to footwear design he is not the king of my world.  The good news is, my fairytale can still have a happily ever after!  Me Too has cleverly created these pleated suede booties that nicely emulate the stylings of my "in a perfect world" pair. At just $109 I think I can forgo the red sole and my princess complex, except for the part about Prince Charming.
Me Too, $109

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Boots, Wedges, and Heels, OH MY!

Lots of new inventory! It's like I woke up on Christmas morning and Santa paid a visit, or maybe the Great Pumpkin, since we are closer to Halloween.  Realistically, it's probably the UPS guy, but it doesn't matter who brings them as long as there are new shoes to drool over!

Fun, fold-over, great with tights and leggings, only $79

Beautiful. basic, perfect with EVERYTHING!

Ever consider roughin' it? You can with this lugged sole, adds just a touch of toughness.

Subtle Western Style with a higher heel.  My chunky sweaters are calling!
Great wedge bootie

Jeffrey Campbell, you've done it again! My favorite new addition to my fall wardrobe!
Remember those jewel tones I talked about? These are perfect!

The lines of this shoe are sleek and sohpisticated!

Standout with this over the top platform and lugged sole!

Frye maryjanes, what's not to love about these?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Ode to Frye...

Well if I had the time and thought my audience would appreciate my poetic stylings I might be tempted to actually compose an ode to Frye boots, but I will spare you the elevated diction and elaborate stanzaic structure.  What I simply can't do is stop singing the praises of this legendary brand.  Gorgeous leather, fine craftsmanship, if you don't have a pair of Fryes, my suggestion to you, get some!  We've got some newbies to add to our stash.
There aren't enough words to describe my love for these!
Frye, $347

Love the zipper detail! Frye, $297

Great "western" option without overdoing the "yeehaw"
Frye, $372

Hot for Hobo

If you're like me than your love for shoes equates to your love of handbags!  While I do have a signature piece that is in regular rotation, I like to mix it up now and again with something different.  Hobo International is one of my favorite brands!  They are experts at creating bags with staying power that are still in line with the hottest trends.  Check out some of these new ones!

Looking for something that's great for a night out?  These wristlets are just the right size for holding the essentials.
 In keeping with the studs...

Charity Shopping Event

Every year, my husband participates in a Triathlon to raise money for theChallenged Athletes Foundation.  As he is currently deployed with the Navy, I am taking his place in the race this year and running 13.1 miles.  I'm also setting out to raise $2500 for this amazing cause.

 All week, Poppy and Stella will be offering huge savings to our customers while collecting donations for CAF.  We are also having an event at each location.  I hope that you can participate and help me reach my fundraising goal. Thank you for your support!

Kelley Krohn Heuisler
Poppy and Stella

Charity Shopping Events!
Please join us in raising money for the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF)!  We will be hosting a shopping event at each of our locations. 
 - R
eceive 15% off your entire purchase

 - D
onate $50 or more & receive 25% off your entire purchase!  
Poppy and Stella will donate 15% of sales to CAF
-  Enjoy wine, bubbly & light food while supporting a great cause!

Poppy and Stella - Fells Point
Wednesday, September 29th
5pm - 9pm
Poppy and Stella - Annapolis
Thursday, September 30th
5pm - 9pm
Can't make either event?  
All week, make any tax-deductible donation to CAF and receive 15% off your entire purchase.   Make a donation of $50 or more to receive 25% off!  
Donations can be made with cash or check at either store.  Receipts can be emailed to you.  Or, you can pay with a credit card online here:
Kelley's Personal Fundraising Page
Just print out the confirmation and bring it in with you to get your discount. 

Be Jeweled and Be Dazzled

Black is always in for fall and it is always an effortless choice, but dare to be fearless and flirtatious by adding a splash of color to your wardrobe.  Saturate your style with garnet, sapphire, emerald, and amethyst.  These heightened hues will heighten the drama of your look without heightening the drama in your life.  If you're not ready to dive in just start small.  A great way to add jewel tones to your look is with your footwear.  A pair like these Sam Edelman party pumps go great with a little black dress.  Once you're ready to swim without your floaties, take the same pumps and try a monochromatic look, just mix up the fabrics.  A satin dress with suede pumps is sure to stun the masses.  These are certainly colors that command the attention you deserve.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fashion Rx: Your weekly dose of what to wear!

You've got a cocktail party to go to and you want to make sure you standout.  Everyone would rather garner glances for being the "it girl" instead of pointed fingers for being "that girl.  So how do you make sure the attention you're getting is of the positive persuasion?

The cure: Keep it simple and make a statement with your shoes!
Start with your standard LBD, add texture to it with a faux fur jacket, multi-strands of black beads, and black round lever back earrings.  To make your statement, red suede platform pumps! The use of a bold color, especially red, will demonstrate your refined and foxy taste for fashion.  These Me Too pumps add just the right amount of pep to your step.

Warning: use red sparingly, you know what they say about having too much of a good thing.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Festive Flats

Wrapped in gold and tied with a bow, these All Black flats are adorable and one hot color combo!
All Black, $119
These baubles are bewitching, this is a pair that is sure to charm its way straight to your heart.  Who doesn't like to flash a little bling now and again?
All Black, $129
Basic yes, boring, NO! These Bernardo's are a great accent piece to any outfit, simple and stunning, the studs will leave you smitten!
Bernardo, $148

Sweet on Suede!

It's all in the details! The pleats and the bow on this dainty suede pump are divine.
Positively precious, this taupe platform is perfect for skirts and dresses.

Sleek, sophisticated, and all over fashion magazines for October.  I caught this Sam Edelmen bootie in the latest InStyle!
Sam Edelmen, $121
You are sure to be swayed by this little spat! This cuffed bootie is the crowning glory to any pair of leggings!
Bootie, check. Wedge, check. Stylish, check. Add to my wardrobe, must! These comfy Me Too booties are a great basic must have!
Me Too, $109

Best Women's Shoe Store!

Thank you to the City Paper for selecting us as the Best Women's Shoe Store in Baltimore! We truly appreciate the love!

Best Women's Shoe Store

Image courtesy of City Paper

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fantasy Fashion Becomes Reality

Prada? Yes please!!! The Italian fashion house has created these luxe suede sling-back peep-toes that I would wear with pride. Alas, the luxe shoe comes with a luxe price, $580 to be exact. While some may think it is totally fine to splurge on the fetching footwear, I prefer to look for a an option that fits my wallet.

Prada, $580

These Me Too suede sling-backs are only $99.  Granted I lose out on the peep-toe, but let's be serious, do I want frozen toes when the temperatures start to decline at a steady rate? Something these shoes give me that the Pradas don't? I can also get them in gray!

Me Too, $99

Monday, September 20, 2010

Minimalism: the less is more approach to fashion

Who says your wardrobe has to have frills and lace or chains and studs to be on-trend?  The October issue of Lucky magazine highlights minimalism as one of this season's stately new styles.  Clothes with strong, structured lines, crisp fabrics and soft color families that you can mix and match to create a smart look will take you straight from the office to a night out on the town.  It a basic lover's bliss!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fashion Rx: Your weekly dose of what to wear!

Oh no! You've slept through your alarm and you've got ten minutes to put yourself together for a meeting that you can't miss or you've been lounging around the house in sweats when your significant other calls and suggests going out for dinner.  By the way, "be there in ten, make sure you're ready to go". Having too little time to make ourselves presentable is a far too often occurrence.

The Cure: Fashion in a flash, simple staple pieces that can be paired together to create go to looks that will take less than ten minutes.

Start with a dress, something with a simple shape and cinch it at the waist with a skinny belt.  A faint floral print creates interest while remaining subtle. Metallic stud earrings and flats give you a pinch of punch to give this look some "it factor" and add a handbag with a chain strap for a classic touch.

Want a second opinion?

Take the same dress, add a belted cardigan, chocolate brown tights and a great pair of boots, like the Frye Carson.  Carry an oversized clutch and you still have a quick yet quintessential look.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fantasy Fashion Becomes Reality

Brian Atwood $660

Do you believe in love at first sight? I knew it was possible the split second I laid my eyes on these nude patent pumps from Brian Atwood.  This hot hue is seriously sought after and when you find "the one" you know you can't let them get away. That is until $660 gets in the way of you and your happily ever after.

Price is most often the trickiest obstacle to overcome, unless you have another great option! This pair of nude patent pumps from ZiGi ny is only $142.  With its exposed platform and sleeker heel it easily rivals the sexiness of the Atwood pump.  Don't let these out of your sight!

ZiGi ny $142

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Closet Confidential

So we asked you, our customers, to share your style with us! How do you wear your favorites from Poppy and Stella? Allie gave us her take on a recently purchased pair.

“Normally I don’t like to share where I shop, yes I’m one of “those girls” who is selfish with her stores.  However, I have to make an exception for my favorite shoe boutique, Poppy and Stella.  They truly have something for everyone!  I typically have a very girly style but I wanted to give the menswear trend a try.  Poppy and Stella have these awesome Jeffrey Campbell wedge, lace-up booties that I just drooled over and thought that if I didn’t like the whole menswear thing I could still wear them with skirts and dresses!  I decided to test it out on casual Friday at work.  I wore a girly silk blouse (have to get my girly in there somewhere) with trouser jeans and a tweed vest.  My Jeffrey Campbell wedges were PERFECT!  I surprised myself with how cute this outfit turned out to be!”

Thanks for sharing Allie! If you want to steal her style, stop in and grab of pair of these from Jeffrey Campbell.

Got an outfit you want to show off starring your favorite footwear? Send a picture and a description to  We just might make you a star!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Prim and Proper: English Prep

This is not your polo wearing, popped collar prep, this style comes to us from across the pond.  Clean lines, classics silhouettes, feminine frills, tweeds and plaids are distinguishing traits for this style. Inspired by traditional prep-school uniforms and the English countryside this type of look is the epitome of autumn.

Combine cords with a plaid blazer, try a trench over a frilly blouse with dark denim, or timeless tweed with a simple sheath.  The requisite riding boot is the culmination of your English Prep creation.  Lovely loafers or charming oxfords are other proper possibilities.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fashion Rx: Your weekly dose of what to wear!

So you caved and bought the charming pair of Jeffrey Campbell Clogs that you've been craving. You've got a hot date tonight and you want to summon the spirit of the seventies by wearing your new kicks, but you have no intention of going all "Farrah Fawcett" with your look.  How can you raise your retro ratio without going overboard?

The cure: Start with a dark pair of flared denim, the darker you go, the sleeker your look.  Layer a long-sleeved white top under a faux fur vest and top with a multi-strand studded necklace.  Slip those clogs on your feet and you've got a look that is characteristic of the seventies but completely current.

Side effects: Your date will fall for you fast, hope it goes well and you're ready for date #2!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fantasy Fashion Becomes Reality

I had these Yves Saint Laurent Iconic Platform Pumps on my feet a few weeks ago and "Holy WOW" talk about head turners! To quote Rachel Zoe, "I die". Gorgeous, glamourous, and wallet gouging.
YSL $795
While I pine away for these $795 gems I can satiate my appetite for fabulous footwear with the Irina from Pour La Victoire. With the towering heel and equally tall platform you can strut your stuff for a fraction of the cost.
Pour La Victoire $242

Latest and Greatest Fall Finds

Can Biker Chick be girly? Yes it can with these maryjanes and their sassy zipper detail!
What's not to love about handmade boots from Miz Mooz? This distressed look is a distinctive detail adding modern, western flair.

Miz Mooz $142

Miz Mooz $142
Say hello in these suede booties from Me Too. The hidden platform adds an elegant element of ease.
Me Too $109
Basic black patent platform pump, the perfect must-have for any closet!
Cute, coquetish, cut outs! The details of this lovely light gray boot will surely catch a few glances.