Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fantasy Fashion Becomes Reality

Sexy suede sling-backs here I come! Ok I know what you might be thinking, suede in the spring? But, when done with peep-toe and a sling-back it's a great way to add color AND texture to your ensemble.  Besides if I can get away with it, I would wear these all year long. This drool worthy shoe from Manolo Blahnik has a ruched upper, top-stitched suede and a low vamp that will elongate your leg and inspire confidence in your wardrobe.  At this point my piggy bank isn't feeling too confident about its survival, it is sure to break with this $795 price tag.
Manolo Blahnik, $795
For some it might be worth breaking the bank, for others like me, holding out for something slightly more piggy bank friendly is a better option.  Biviel has a very similar looking suede sling-back.  The papaya suede is top-stitched like the Manolos, but instead of ruching we have a criss-cross upper.  On-trend cut-outs along the sides and heel cup add intrigue, while the curving, stacked heel give you good height.  Pair this sandal with fitting pants and  pencil skirts.  At just $159 my piggy bank will live to see another day.

Biviel, $159

Monday, March 28, 2011

Six Signs of Spring

Check out some of our shoes in the Sun Magazine's Six signs of spring...
Get six fresh fashion ideas for spring.

Come see us!

We'll be here, will you?

The District Sample Sale takes place in D.C. March 29. (unknown, Baltimore Sun / September 14, 2010)

French Riviera

Want a timeless and glamours look and still feel bright and breezy? Don't look to the Jersey Shore for inspiration. Instead check out Grace Kelly's backyard in the south of France.  Classical and nautical influences abound in designs with simple shapes and clean lines.  Unfussy and unassuming but chic and carefree all at the same time.
It's simple to add these pieces to your beach wardrobe. Stripes and scallops and a-line silhouettes will complement any figure. Large beach totes in natural materials like canvas and raffia are essential carry-alls and wedges with natural materials are amazing accents.  Go glam with oversized glasses and feel ever so stylish no matter what beach you're on.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fashion Rx: Your weekly dose of what to wear!

So now that the weather is getting warmer you're excited to try all of the new bright, bold, color combinations that celebrate spring.  Your fear is that your ability to mix and match fails in comparison to the top designers of this seasons runways.  How can you start adding these great combinations and not worry about clashing your colors?

The Cure: Printastic!
Start with a basic pair of dark denim, or lighter if you wish depending on your mood and find a great printed blouse that incorporates the color combinations of the season.  The print keeps you from messing up your mash up of color.  Go with a basic shoe and 3/4 sleeve lightweight blazer, then choose one color from the print that you want to stand out and coordinate your accent piece with that color.

Side effects: Choose just ONE accent color and ONE accent piece, even if you keep with the colors of the print, choosing more than one could make your look unbalanced.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fantasy Fashion Becomes Reality

Looking for a spring sandal to brighten your day? Something simple to add that burst of color you've been looking for?  Guiseppe Zanotti has come out with a great jeweled thong sandal this season. The leather flat thong sandal with jewel detail and adjustable posted ankle strap emulates the refined sensibility of Zanotti's design philosophy. My philosophy is to never pay more for something just because of name unless it is extra special.  At $550 I'm not touching this sandal unless that jewel is a diamond.
Guiseppe Zanotti, $550
I'm also not going to pay that much when Sam Edelman has a very similar leather flat thong sandal, in a variety of colors, for around $95.  While there may not be a jewel, these still have the same refined sensibility perfect for adding a pop of color to your shoe wardrobe.
Sam Edelman "Gigi"

Monday, March 21, 2011

Color Splash

Instantly warm up from your winter wardrobe with wild and wonderful bursts of color.  Designers like Gucci, Jil Sander, and Prabal Gurung take color to a whole new level with a fierce fusion of fresh hues.
"Forget any shade that is dusty or muted.  Spring is all about the-bolder-the-better brights.  But what really sets these colors aglow are the unexpected combinations: pink, orange, and deep purple; turquoise and taxicab yellow; lim and emerald green.  It's this palette of knockout hues that creates such a range of riveting contrasts." InStyle, March 2011

How are you supposed to wear it, tonal combinations of varying shades of the same color is one way, playing with opposites is another.  Play with up to three and "make sure the shade closest to your face is flattering". Add neutral accessories and make-up.  A spectacular spectrum awaits you this spring!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Positively Pointed

Spring Shoe Guide
Look #6 Pointy-toes
This dainty and demure style for your flats and slingbacks and  just the right hint of femininity to each and every look for this spring's styles.
The perfect transition shoe from Sam Edelman. Super comfy and really cute, we have it in Black patent, Almond patent and Coral patent. $109

 Almond patent  $109

 Coral patent. $109

All Black "Pressed Bow", $118

Restricted "Nectarine", $60

Restricted "Nectatrine", $60

Friday, March 18, 2011

Fashion Rx: Your weekly dose of what to wear!

Ok so with all this talk about lace, you may be asking some of the same questions I am, how can I wear it casually and without looking too old? Sometimes wearing lace can make you look like you're wearing a tablecloth.  So how do you avoid doily dullness?

The Cure: Cutting-edge Lace

It is imperative to link your lace to modern pieces in order to keep the look casual and current.  A blousy top with a more geometric lace pattern updates the look.  Pair with straight leg denim that hugs your curves and a cute crocheted flat for balance.  Accessorize with something bold, like a statement necklace and you've got a look that is anything but ancient.

Side-effects: Be careful not to over-do a little lace goes a long way

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gaga for Gigi

The Sam Edelman Gigi flat sandals are here! With such a wide variety of colors it's easy to find the perfect fit for your budding spring/summer wardrobe!

Fantasy Fashion Becomes Reality

It is a Battle Royale for which pair of espadrille wedges will adorn my feet this season.  In one corner, the Yves Saint Laurent Medallion wedge. The woven leather open toe platform wedge with medallion at instep is tasteful and luxurious.  This spring YSL broke barriers fashioning their shoes with dramatic slopes and heel shapes.

YSL Medallion Wedge, $860
In the opposite corner, the Sam Edelman Leroy wedge. The twisted leather knot detail with raffia wrapped platform wedge heel make these a definite contender.
Sam Edelman "Leroy", about $150

 The shoes appear to be equally matched, both with open-toe, t-strap, and buckle closure, but the YSL wedge is a bit of a heavy weight at its $860 price point.  Sam Edelman weighs in at around $150.  For this fight, I have to go with the light-weight to get the same style without so heavy a price is a prize winning advantage.  Maybe next year YSL, if you drop a few dollars.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Lingering Lace

Having made its presence known in the uber-girlie trend this past season, lace is starting to make more of a statement on its own.
"Look what happens when lace leaves the Victorian era behind.  Applied to a tank vest instead of a high-collar blouse, or a shirtwaist instead of a boned-bodice gown, the ultimate girlie fabric takes on a modern twist.  Suddenly lace doesn't just feel cool. It is cool."--InStyle, March 2011

 When worn the right way, lace is sexy, sophisticated, and surely stylish! How does one wear it this season?
"While a diaphanous Chantilly gown is still as lush as satin sheet, keep the seductiveness in check.  A drapey T, tablecloth mini, or peekaboo ballet flats dive day wear a fresh, graceful edge.  Avoid color.  Black, white, or nude looks richer and more alluring.  Whether natural or brushed on, the only color to grace your face should be a faint blush." --Instyle, March 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

Fashion Rx: Your weekly dose of what to wear!

The menswear trend has left me feeling a little less than enthusiastic.  Reading that "the more undone, the more you've done it right" scares me.  I mean if you want to talk "undone" how about rolling out of bed and throwing on your boyfriend's button down? Undone to me just seems sloppy.  So how can you meld this season's untucked trend with something that still looks pulled together?

The Cure: Suggestive Structure

Go for the roomy, slouchy, look, but do it with pieces that layer together well.  A great wide leg trouser is a good place to start.  Stay away from bulky tops and choose a simple silk tank.  Tuck it in, don't tuck it in, the feminine flow will work either way.  Top it off with a sleeveless blazer, some-what oversized but still structured.  Accessorize with a mens watch and a neutral shoe.  Don't be afraid to go with a heel or something slightly more girly, a strappy wedge or platform pump can add balance.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hello Heels

Spring Shoe Guide
Look #5: High Heel & Platform Pumps
With warmer temps quickly approaching we women want to shed to those winter layers and show off our fantastic figures!  There is not better way to accentuate a great pair of legs than with a great pair of heels.  Check out some of our spring selection!

Butter "Swagger", $264
Klub Nico "Ariel", $204
Sam Edelman "Novato", $99

Sam Edelman "Novato", $99
Poetic Licence "Feel the Rhythm", $132

Poetic Licence "Feel the Rhythm", $132
Poetic Licence "Picnic Ready", $99

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fantasy Fashion Becomes Reality

It's that time when I've started looking for my signature spring sandal, my go to shoe for everything from dresses to jeans, and I just may have found it.  Miu Miu's stitched sandal with its washed nappa leather platform, open toe, and stitched instep detail, is just to die for.  These are definitely on trend with the Miu Miu motto, "life's a stage", best to look good while you're on it.  I, however, could most certainly die if I was going to pay $595 for these, enough to cause a heart attack at the register, and I don't think the stage is ready for my final bow.
Miu Miu, $595

The Miz Mooz "Petra" is a great stand in! With similar stitching detail, the added bonus of color, and a geometric wooden platform this peep toe is sure to pop and at $102 there is no risk for a coronary at the cashier.  With these you'll look good whether your on stage or strutting down the street.
Miz Mooz, $102

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Flowering Frye

While known for their boots, Frye also has fabulous styles for spring! Mules, wedges, and clog-esque looks with wooden heels and wedges. Take your pick and rock Frye all year round!

Frye, $168

Frye, $198

Frye, $198

Frye, $198

Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Accessories

So that your new pair of shoes aren't lonely, how about picking up a new handbag as well?!? Check out some of the great pieces coming to our store for spring!

Menswear Movement

Menswear has migrated to spring fashion runways but with a looser, mildly feminine movement.
"The blazer is roomy, with wide lapels.  The white shirt is tucked; the pants, loose.  Have you ever seen any guy at the office dress this way? It's not about a fascination with Mad Men -inspired retro; the fun here is loosening up the hallmarks of menswear.  Though we tend to be sticklers for posture, the operative word is "slouch." The look is at its sexiest when it's a little rumpled up."   InStyle, March 2011
Photos Courtesy of InStyle, March 2011
She's come undone with unbuttoned cotton button down shirts, crisp shirt dresses with hip slung skinny belts,  leather and canvas oxfords, and loose fitting lightweight trousers. Add a large mens watch and pair a simple, sheer, silk camisole with the wide lapel blazer. The less put together the better.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Fashion Rx: Your weekly dose of what to wear!

Don't fall flat this spring,  dare to try new things and give new life to your wardrobe.  All week I've been talking about seventies signature style and the new "flatform" shoe, which presents the perfect opportunity to try something new.  Representing the decade of disco does not mean breaking out the polyester, it's more about the attitude than the clothes themselves.   Can you pull it off in a way that is retro and modern?

The Cure: Subdued 70's
Flared denim is back and is the perfect signature piece for pulling of a 70's inspired look, for a more modern take, make sure to wear a dark wash.  With your top, find something flowy and loose, tunic styles and peasant blouses are easy choices and can be dressed up or down.  Be fearless with your accessories, throw on a floppy hat and large lens glasses, and do do do, dare to wear a different shoe.  The "Kelly" from Miz Mooz is a great shoe that will add color and interest to an outfit like this without making it over the top. Picture it peeking out from the flares of dark denim, super cute right?!?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Quirky Cork

Spring Shoe Guide
Look # 4 Cork Soles
Spring seems to be about combing height and comfort, and the theme is not lost on the cork wedge and heel. A wedge is always super flattering and the cork provides a cushy heel that is completely comfortable. Check out our cork options for spring!

Korkease "Teresa", $145

Korkease "Bellevue", $128

J. Shoes "Berber", $148

J. Shoes "Ashanti", $146

Restricted "Racetrack", $65