Monday, October 31, 2011

Pop of Pink

Pink can be a potent pop of color when put on display, obviously brighter than any blush, demonstrating your brave possibly brazen fashion choices.
"Also know as fuchsia, it's an ultra-feminine hue that suggests strength, savvy, and self-assurance...and it's all but guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.  Done right, it's cool, not cute." -InStyle, November 2011

 When wearing this hot hue keep your silhouettes and shapes feminine but tone it down by adding neutrals. You can opt for an all-over look or block it with oranges, reds, navys, grays, or blacks.  Accessorize with gold, brass, or animal.  Keep with whatever you're comfortable, but shake it up with a shock of pink!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fashion Rx: Your weekly dose of what to wear!

I often find that when the temperatures start to decrease I end up wearing more black and gray.  Could be a reflection of my mood with the cold, could be my subconscious thinking for some reason these colors will keep me warmer, whatever it is, this year I'm going to try to break the habit!

The Cure: Go Bright or Go Home!

Now I'm not saying to eliminate blacks and grays all together, they really are the foundation of any good wardrobe, but they need to be brightened up.  Find a pair of colored denim in a color that you're comfortable with and block it with a complimenting shade.  In this particular outfit we have a bright blue and green.  Use your black as a balancing piece as seen in the blazer and clutch, but throw another color into the mix in your shoe for contrast.

Disclaimer: Try not to color block with more than 3 colors otherwise you might start to look like a clown.
Neutrals don't count.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fantasy Fashion Becomes Reality

Sometimes Lady Luck is on your side and you find an amazing shoe that is not only currently on trend, but should stay on trend for a lifetime.  Take for instance Guiseppe Zanotti's metallic snakeskin round toe pump, the shape is classic, reptile prints always add a subtle edge, and there is always a use for a great metallic shoe.  The only problem is Lady Luck missed the mark on the price, $650 isn't a lucky deal.

Guiseppe Zanotti, $650

So in steps Sam Edelman! Round toe pump?...Check.  Reptile print?...Check. Metallic...Check.  Affordable?...Check!!! Lady Luck is still on your side, at just $94 you can have all the glitz and glam of the  Zanotti shoe but at a fraction of the price!
Sam Edelman, $94

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Back to Basics

While you may think having a staple basic is all you need, why not expand your options to include a basic with a little boldness?







Hot Holiday Heels

Don't get mad at me for saying this, but the holidays are right around the corner and you may already be scouting out your cute holiday ensembles, why not see if you can add one of these sexy pairs to go with!






Monday, October 24, 2011

Mini Menswear

Menswear still has an influence in women's fashion today but it seems to have taken on a more minor role as feminine silhouettes and flowy fabrics have taken center stage.  By incorporating one specific piece into an uber girly look you can give it a "girl meets boy" performance.

Add a vest to a super feminine dress of an unexpected look and  a blazer creates a sharp contrast with structure when paired with  a fluid dress.  When wearing lace and pumps a plaid hip-length coat hits the mark for balance and a grandpa cardigan can help tone down the attitude of a sexy leather skirt.  Finally a neck tie creates a playful yet preppy look.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fashion Rx: Your weekly dose of what to wear!

It's sweater weather, but do you find it hard to make your comfy chunky knits chic and sophisticated?  The key is finding the right balance.

The Cure: Chunky Knit Kinship

The key to wearing any piece that has a lot of weight and volume is to offset it with a piece with little to no volume.  Take for example this great Chunky Jacquard sweater coat found at Stella-Mae, the only thing you should think of pairing it with is a pair of leggings.  If you want to up the ante make sure to pair with leather or faux leather leggings.  Add some femininity with a strappy wedge and you've taken this sweater from curl up on the couch comfy to strutting the city streets!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fantasy Fashion Becomes Reality

Animal print is here to stay and one of my favorite ways of adding pop to an outfit is with an animal print flat.  This leopard print penny loafer from Prada is just the right amount of animal accent for any type of ensemble.  It's classically chic with it's simple design and bold print. The only thing not so attractive is the $790 price tag, in fact it doesn't even appeal to those with the necessary means.

Prada, $790

Kelsi Dagger has a fabulous alternative with their Frances flat, so fabulous that it's been seen on Nicky Hilton and Miley Cyrus.  This is a shoe that's asked about!

 Again, with the classic loafer design and bold print you can do wrong with the shoe.  At just $105 you better hurry up and get yours before they're all gone!

Kelsi Dagger, $105

Monday, October 17, 2011

Leather Look-see

The look of leather typically suggests getting in touch with your inner bad girl, biker chic, or rock diva, but adding just a hint of leather can really sophisticate a look.
" ...leather details add an edgy and intriguing element. In a tweed chemise with contrasting brown leather pockets, you can be office-appropriate yet also say, 'I'm a closet hipster'.  A goddess gown with a faux leather bodice? Elegant and sultry all at once."
               --InStyle, October 2011

Little bits of leather also call to mind equestrian connotations with piping that are classically chic.  However you choose to wear it, leather can say so much more than "I'm a rebel".

If you've typically don't gravitate to this style start small with accents of leather trim necklines and ease your way into the look.  Don't have the money to splurge? Faux options are just as acceptable, pleather pants give you that tight fitted look with more movement.  Accessorize with floppy hats and strong shoes, from booties to stilettos you can't go wrong.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fashion Rx: Your weekly dose of what to wear!

Now that fall is in full swing are you finding that there are trends you want to try but may be too timid to try them?  This is something that happens a lot!  You see a great look in a fashion magazine and think " I wish I could pull that off".  Well guess what, you can!

The Cure: Peter Pan Collar

This innocent looking collar has been seen all around this season, typically in a contrasting color to stand out, but if you're not ready to go all Never Never Land, you can incorporate this trend into your look without it taking over.  By choosing a printed blouse in which the collar carries the print, the collar is slightly camouflaged.  Pair with a great trouser jean and striking accessories, things you know you are comfortable with.  Remember fashion magazines want to highlight trends, so they go over the top, you want to highlight style and a little trend goes a long way!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fantasy Fashion Becomes Reality

I think that every woman needs to have a pair of red high heel platforms.  While it can actually be utilized as a basic, there is definitely nothing boring about it!  Case in point, Christian Louboutin's  Rolando hidden platform pump. This shoe has a straightforward toe, lustrous shine, and a commanding height to keep your look exciting at both work and play.  This shoe also has a commanding price, at $695 it better draw some attention.
Christian Louboutin, $695
Now for those of us still looking for attention to be paid to our fabulous shoes, but don't want to spend so much money the Loelle from Pour la Victoire may be the answer for you.  This deep red patent pump with a classic pointy toe has a small platform for a little added lift.   At just $244 not only will you have a poignant pair of pumps, but enough leftover to go towards a killer outfit that will get you the attention you deserve!
Pour la Victoire, $244

Monday, October 10, 2011

Red Red Wine

InStyle is at it again with their Color Crash Course and this month's honorary hue is Wine.  The "rich and unmistakably luscious, full-bodied fall favorite exudes feminine sophistication.  Why do the editor's love it?
"Even a teetotaler can appreciate the beauty of a velvety Bordeaux.  Translated to your wardrobe , this surprisingly versatile red-tinged purple conveys romance, as seen on Nina Ricci's fall runway.  And for those who fear color, it's a hue that never feels too conspicuous."
 From top to bottom and day to night, this a a color that clearly surprises.   If you decide not to go with wine all over pair it with neutrals like dark brown or bark, or play it up with dark inks or teals.  Gold accessories add warmth and an extra taste of luxe.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fashion Rx: Your weekly dose of what to wear!

Let's be real for a moment, we all have those days where we want nothing more than to sit on the couch, cozied up in our favorite sweats watching whatever we've dvr'ed for the week, without a care in the world. But, inevitably on those days something calls us to have to leave the house and rather than be seen in our sweats we change so as to look our best for whomever we may run in to.  Ladies it is possible to have loungewear in which going out only takes as much effort as throwing on a pair of shoes.

The Cure: Laid back Luxe

Leggings are still a go to basic for this fall, and in case you haven't noticed they're pretty comfortable as well.  Luxe them up with a sequined tank for a little sparkle and texture, then top with an uber cozy poncho sweater, perfect for cuddling up during the day and a great transition for leaving the house.  As far as the shoes go, you've got plenty of options, go for a bootie to add some sex appeal, pick a flat for running errands, or go for a boot if you want your look to fall somewhere in between.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fantasy Fashion Becomes Reality

I have to say I really do envy a woman who makes jeans and a tank top look like so much more than jeans and a tank top!  Jennifer Aniston has always made a "less is more" approach to fashion so trendy.  Here she is with boyfriend jeans, a white, tank, messenger bag and cute little lace up booties with socks that are so on trend.  Why am I going on and on about this look? Well once again I have spotted a celeb sporting a shoe that looks oh so familiar.

While I don't know the exact line Jen is wearing, I do know that you too can have this look if you stop in and purchase the "Water Row" bootie from Indigo by Clarks!  A classic shoe with a solid heel and double eyelet laces is perfect for throwing on with just about anything, case in point, see above!  Dress it up or down, but don't dress without it!

Indigo by Clarks "Water Row", $119

Monday, October 3, 2011

Golden Eye

In case you haven't noticed gold is lighting up the red-carpet this season.  Even if you don't have a red carpet event, this precious metal is something your wardrobe shouldn't be without!

From head to toe gold accents and accessories are on trend this season.  Add a touch with a bangle or a great pump like our Charles, by Charles David glitzy platform or go glam with a top, skirt, or all over gold ensemble.  Whatever your fancy you will surely shine like a star!