Friday, December 30, 2011

Fashion Rx: Your weekly dose of what to wear!

Well it's the day before New Year's Eve, do you know what you're wearing? For a night that is about celebrating all that's past and all that's yet to come you wouldn't want to ring in the new year looking anything less than your best!

The Cure: Go Big or Go Home

The ball that drops and draws everyone's attention is shiny and sparkly so why shouldn't you be! Take advantage of this evening to dress to the nines, find a glitzy number that fits your personality and accessorize it so that you accentuate it! Whatever you choose make sure you feel as beautiful inside as you look on the outside!  Happy New Year!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fantasy Fashion Becomes Reality

With New Year's Eve only days away you are probably planning that perfect party outfit, including a statement shoe!  Well Jimmy Choo has quite a stunner. I think that this golden glittered platform pump will set off any ensemble.  The glittered fabric exudes glitz and glam but is subtly textured making it appropriate for day or night! The price? Only $795, perfect! Only she says...HA! I'm right there with, not looking so versatile after all.
Jimmy Choo, $795

Well if the Jimmy Choo's aren't an option and you're now determined to find a glitzy textured pump let me introduce you to a pair from Charles David.  These shoes shimmer with every stride! The bolder hue may not work as well for day, but these pumps are positively irresistible, who can say no to glitz and glam on New Year's Eve, or an additional 15% off the already reduced $97 price tag...hurry before they're gone!

Charles by Charles David, $97

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Let the Savings Continue!

Continue to celebrate by taking an extra 15% off or entire collection of already reduced prices!  Hurry in and save!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Pining for Prints

I don't know about you, but I currently have a holiday hangover! Now is the time between Christmas and New Years to enjoy all of your new fashionable goodies, but in a much more casual state before the big bash!

Take a simple trend, like a great winter print and run wild, but keep it simple. How do you manage that? Go for a bold and bright print that really stands out, but keep everything else subdued. This winter most prints are echoing fabulous florals, perhaps in anticipation for spring and new blooms.  Choose a great printed blouse, a great pair of jeans, a great pair of shoes and you should be good to go!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Fashion Rx: Your weekly dose of what to wear!

We have reached the point of no return, if you're holiday shopping isn't done yet, you only have a few days left, which also means you only have a few days to figure out what you're going to wear.  If your day is anything like mine you are either bebopping from party to party or you're the host of the festivities.  Either way you want to look your best and be able to last throughout the day.

The Cure: Haute Holiday

I hope you trust me when I say you can be cute and comfortable in a dress all day! While I'm not in favor of combining red and green together, I do think red is a great accent for the day! A polka dot dress is fun and festive, top it with a little ladylike cardigan in case you catch a chill. Go all out with your accessories, curling ribbon ring, graduated beads, and red red pumps!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fantasy Fashion Becomes Reality

Have you been aching for that perfect ankle bootie? Well this suede option from Vivienne Westwood is sure to win you over.  With a somewhat scalloped opening, strap around the back, and silver tone heart shaped buckle, your own heart will be singing with glee for this fabulously feminine footwear. But, retailing for $650 may change your heart's tune.
Vivienne Westwood, $650
Would your heart sing if I told you I had a less feminine looking, but equally stylish and sassy pair of ankle booties? I know mine would! Sam Edelman's Loni is a great compromise with it's suede upper, strap around the back, and buckle accent at the heel strap.  While the heel may be heftier, stacked heels have been favored this fall! At just $159 your heart won't just be singing but leaping for joy!

Sam Edelman, $159

Monday, December 19, 2011

Party Perfection

With so many of falls trends bleeding into the holidays it's hard to misstep when choosing your perfect party dress.  Bold gemstone colors like ruby, emerald, and sapphire, touches of lace, sparkle, shine, and a little bit of blocking are all fool proof choices!
Choose your accessories wisely, choose a daring and desirable pump  to go with a simple dress, or something more subtle to pair with a metallic print. Any festive frock is going to be a winner and you will surely be the toast of the town.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Fashion Rx: Your weekly dose of what to wear!

Whether by car or plane, bus or train, it's pretty safe to say that you may be traveling some where over the holidays. But just because you might be spending a day on the road doesn't mean you can't do it with style.

The Cure: En Route Ensemble
It is totally appropriate to grab your favorite pair of lived in and loved denim, but add some spunk.  Team your denim with layers of stripes and polka dots in bright colors, and if your choice of denim is a looser fit, make sure your layers aren't too baggy.  Throw on a great pair of flats and a cute hat and you're ready to hit the road.  Truth be told you never know who you might run into, better look your best!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fantasy Fashion Becomes Reality

The holidays are a time to let loose and indulge a little, sweet treats, blingy baubles, and of course fancy footwear.  Fancy does not always mean delicate though, ever thought about a luxurious pair of fur-trimmed lace up ankle boots? Pleasurable and plush the fur adds the perfect accent to this Robert Clergerie boot. Natural rabbit and suede with ribbon laces soften the thick heel and lugged rubber sole.  At $850, they are the ultimate in indulgence, but even if my budget could swing this sticker, I think I would picture that cute little bunny every time I laced them up.

Robert Clergerie, $850
Thank goodness for fabulousness that is good for the budget and the soul.  The "Barnesicle" by Gentle Souls provides the indulgence and plushness of the Clergerie boot but with a shearling cuff instead of rabbit and a $280 sale price.  Pair with a lady-like look for contrast and interest and furnish your feet in luxury.
Gentle Souls, $280

Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday 101 The LRD

Audrey Hepburn and Givenchy brought us the little black dress, affectionately known as the LBD, this summer we saw a surge in the little white dress, and with the holidays on our doorstep there is no better time to introduce the little red dress!

Perfect for the season, stick to darker shades and tailored silhouettes for day, switch to your bright hues that are short and sweet for night.  Accessorize with metallics and animal prints but let the red make the statement!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Merrytime Tradition

Mark Your Calendars!
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Friday, December 9, 2011

Fashion Rx: Your weekly dose of what to wear!

Looking our best when going out seems to be the thing we're most concerned about when we are in a wardrobe conundrum, but what about those moments when we stay in, the moments that could be caught on camera, especially ones where we might have just rolled out of bed? I'm talking about Christmas morning girls, and we deserve to look just as good staying in as we do stepping out.

The Cure: So long long johns, hello loungewear!

There is nothing that says you can't put on a pair of ballet flats instead of slippers, and once you put on real shoes, you'll want to put on real clothes.  Loungewear has come a long way, "sweatpants" are cut closer to the body so they are much more slimming and chic.  Pair them with a simple white tee, a tartan plaid button down for festiveness and and infinity scarf to accessorize.  You are cute, comfy, AND camera ready!

Disclaimer: A great outfit won't necessarily hide bedhead or circles under your eyes, pull your hair back in a messy pony tail and put on a little concealer so you look fresh and well rested!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hobo Trunk Show!

Hobo Trunk Show Tonight!!!
5-8 pm
Annapolis Towne Centre
15% off all Hobo

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fantasy Fashion Becomes Reality

Who doesn't love a bootie with a bow?!? Something that is certainly a staple during the holiday season has to be the Valentino pearl-trim suede bootie.  The classic suede bootie is accented with cultured freshwater pearls which may come off as opulent but doesn't look over the top.  What puts this shoe over the edge has to be the $895 price tag.
Valentino, $895

While this bootie may not have fresh water pearl trim, it does have a cute bow on the back that maintains your lady like look and adds a bit of fun.  The "Nalini" from Libby Edelman is a blue suede bootie, complete with bow accent and is perfect for adding that pop of color to your holiday ensemble.  Best of all, no need to worry about going over the edge, this bootie is priced at just $94 ($65 if you catch it while it's on sale!)
Libby Edelman, $94

Monday, December 5, 2011

Let me see your Peacock...

Peacock blue, what a magical and mesmerizing hue, and certainly one to love, InStyle magazine explains why,
"Neither as business like as navy nor as regal as royal, this ultra-saturated shade lends a feeling of relaxed opulence to body-hugging dresses and office-appropriate separates."
With a description like that I just want to bathe in the beautiful color.  According to Kate Smith from, those who love the color are curious, intuitive, and kind.

The color is complimented with cool neutrals like silver and gray, but consider adding a dark purple or orange-tinted red for intensity.  This look can be pulled of monochromatically but don't be afraid to play with separates.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Fashion Rx: Your weekly dose of what to wear!

The holidays are fast approaching which means parties galore, but with hosts ranging from your boss to your future in-laws it's no wonder you might be mulling what it is you can wear to each event.  First stop, the office want to look cute and festive, but the after work event is well, right after work, and there is no way that sexy lbd that you'd hope may catch cubicle #4's eye is going to fly in the workplace.

The Cure: Holiday 101

A pencil skirt keeps things "suitable" and sexy giving your shape a nice silhouette, choose a brighter color to show your holiday spirit.  A simple silk blouse with a slightly ruffled collar keeps the look primp and proper, but once you throw on a cropped lace jacket you add some flair and festivity.  Accessorize with a strappy heel and an embellished cuff that is fun and funky and this look with take your from cubicle to cocktails with ease.