Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fantasy Fashion Becomes Reality

Wanted: Chunky heeled leather platform sandal, with adjustable ankle strap and decorative stitching.  On my search for the perfect platform do you know what I found? This gorgeous sandal from Chloe.  My two favorite parts about this sandal...the studs on the toe and stitching up the heel, my least favorite part...the price, guess I should add in my ad that only shoes below $200 need apply.
Chloe, $695
Luckily enough I found another pair that meets my needs.  The Payton from Kork-Ease fits the bill with a thick chunky heel and wooden platform.  I lose the studs, but gain more decorative stitching and woven details for a bonus! Double bonus, only $174, a match made in Heaven!
Kork-Ease, $174

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