Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pack Smart, Look Fabulous

Headed somewhere for a summer vaycay? Let us help you pack smart! You can seriously cut down on baggage with a few key picks, and we’ve got all of them!

#1: Compact Crossbody Bag

A style like the Hobo “Mara” will hold all of your essentials, but will leave your hands free for dashing through the airport, perusing shops, or attending a festival! Pick a neutral color like Hobo’s newest shade “Doe” so your bag will go with everything you pack! Play up the silver hardware in your jewelry to make a more polished look for night.

Hobo The Original crossbody bag, $138

#2: Day to Night Sandal

If you pick a sleek sandal with fun details, it can easily carry you from daytime on the boardwalk to a night out on the town. Pick something easy to walk in all day, yet dressy enough to throw on with a maxi dress at dinner. We’ve got styles at every price point that will go with everything in your suitcase!

Left to Right:
Kork-Ease metallic slides - Full price $124, now $99 at 20% off
Dolce Vita black nubuck slides - Full price $58, now $41 at 30% off
Restricted cut out lace ups - Full price $44, now $44 at 20% off

#3: Simple Costume Jewelry

With the exception of the precious pieces you never take off, it’s probably a good idea to pack mostly inexpensive costume jewelry on a trip. That way if your bag gets lost, you won’t be pacing around the airport stressing about grandma’s necklace, or that bracelet your hubby got you last Christmas. Choose one long and one short necklace that can be worn alone or layered together—that way no matter what neckline you’re wearing you’ll have just the right length.  Add a small pair of studs that can stand alone or complement either necklace and you’re set!

Sunglasses - $14 a pair
Bar stud earrings - $7 a pair
Rebecca gold plated feather necklace - $32
Two-tone stone pendant - $22

#4: Cheap ‘n Chic Sunnies

The idea of scratching your pricey polarized sunnies in the sand or (even worse) watching them sink down into the ocean can be heartbreaking. Bring a cute and versatile pair of sunglasses that you won’t mind getting down and dirty with—all of ours are just $14 a pair!

#5: The Everything Scarf

We obviously love a sheer gauzy scarf for layering on a summer night, but these beauties can do so much more than that! Bring it on the plane to drape over your shoulders when you get chilly, knot it around your waist for an instant beach wrap, and tie it into a vest (see how-to below) to make a plain outfit pop!

Step 1: Open scarf long-ways
Step 2: Fold in half
Step 3: Holding the open corners in one hand and the folded corner in the other, tie ends into small knot
Step 4: Unfold and slip over shoulders with knot at back

Tie dye scarf - $24

#6: The Optional Carry On/Emergency Checked Bag

Ok, so we’ve all been there. You hit the shops a little too hard on vacation, and before you know it your bag is overweight! Pack a soft, lightweight duffel that can fold up compactly inside your bag, and fill it with all of the overflow! If you pick one with good enough closures, it can even be checked in a pinch! Not only does our quilted tote by Lani have strong zippers, but it also features a hidden loop for attaching to your rolling suitcase.

Lani quilted tote, $68

Follow these tips and tricks to take the stress out of packing and enjoy your trip! And be sure to tag us in your summer travel pics for a chance to be featured on our Instagram! @poppyandstella

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