Friday, July 23, 2010

Fabulous Flats

Did you know that in 1956 the ballet company started making street-friendly slippers at the request of Brigitte Bardot? Today, this trend has transformed into a versatile and attractive style that can take us from day to night. The popularity of the ballet flat has exploded with an abundance of different designs. You have animal print, floral, distressed, edgy, metallic, dressy, office worthy, even packable flats that fit in small pouches, but how do youpick the right one? Thank to InStyle magazine here are a few things to keep in mind to pick the perfect flat:

1. Proportion: When pairing flats with pants or trousers it’s best to go with cropped or ankle length. Longer pants may make them look frumpy. A full-skirt or dress also works to create flattering lines for your body.

2. Mixing: The classic style of the flat makes it the perfect go to shoe, but you can also use it to add spice to your outfit. Go with a bold color or something with texture and pair it with a simple black dress to give it punch. You can also go the opposite way, stick with a simple style flat but edge up your outfit with distressed jeans or a leather studded jacket. You can pull it off as long as you keep everything in complimentary colors. These Me Too Red Suede flats are the perfect punch to an outfit.

3. Heel height: If you have back problems, pick a flat with a slight heel, just a little bit of lift can relieve pressure.

Check out some of the new styles we just got in for fall. Founded by Jacob Bloch in Sydney Australia, these Bloch metallics have been created with the curvature of the foot in mind in order to provide support and comfort as well as uphold wearability.

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