Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sandals That Make A Statement

Have you ever found yourself facing this dilemma?

You have been invited to a summer BBQ, hmm what should you wear? A cute simple sundress? Shorts? You don’t want to be overly casual, but it’s no black tie event either…you settle on the sundress, but what shoes will add just the right amount of flair? Rubber flip-flops? Boring. Heels? They will help aerate your host’s lawn. The sandals you picked up at Poppy and Stella will be just right!

Dating back over 10,000 years and made popular by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, sandals have served our feet as a functional piece of footwear. Defined as a piece of footwear that exposes the foot, they are a trendy choice for the warm months of summer. But the sandal is more than just a way to keep our feet cool. Today, finding the perfect sandal can add just the right amount of punch and pizzazz to any outfit.

Trendy embellished sandals give us a reason to smile. Simple yet sophisticated, they can spice up any outfit. Whether you need a pop of color or some glitz and glam, big stones, tiny crystals, beaded, or metallic, these shoes are a great way to polish off any look from your summer wardrobe.

Hurry and grab a pair of sandals with style before the sun sets on summer!