Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fantasy Fashion Becomes Reality

Looking for a sexy stunner to strut your stuff in?  Casadei has your number with this back zip wedge sandal! With a little glitz from the glamorous metallic sheen on the wedge, stretchy straps keep you strapped in while you take your now longer limbs for a ride.  The toll for these towering two-tones, $750, perhaps this is one ride you may not take.

Casadei, $750

Another ride you should get a ticket for, the Restricted "Cookie".  These soft and sultry wedges drape leather straps over your foot for a snug and sexy fit.  The cork wedge may lack the glitz but still has ability to take you to new heights.  Take these for a test drive and you won't want to take them off and at just $65, you've got plenty left over for any other tolls you may run into.

Restricted, $65

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