Friday, December 9, 2011

Fashion Rx: Your weekly dose of what to wear!

Looking our best when going out seems to be the thing we're most concerned about when we are in a wardrobe conundrum, but what about those moments when we stay in, the moments that could be caught on camera, especially ones where we might have just rolled out of bed? I'm talking about Christmas morning girls, and we deserve to look just as good staying in as we do stepping out.

The Cure: So long long johns, hello loungewear!

There is nothing that says you can't put on a pair of ballet flats instead of slippers, and once you put on real shoes, you'll want to put on real clothes.  Loungewear has come a long way, "sweatpants" are cut closer to the body so they are much more slimming and chic.  Pair them with a simple white tee, a tartan plaid button down for festiveness and and infinity scarf to accessorize.  You are cute, comfy, AND camera ready!

Disclaimer: A great outfit won't necessarily hide bedhead or circles under your eyes, pull your hair back in a messy pony tail and put on a little concealer so you look fresh and well rested!

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