Friday, June 15, 2012

Fashion Rx: You're weekly dose of what to wear!

We're halfway through June and you know what that season is in full force!  You've been invited to so many that you've lost count.  Lucky for you they encompass different circles of friends, which means one killer ensemble should get you through (and allow you to splurge a little).  So what do you choose to wear?

The Cure: Guest List Glam

When choosing wedding guest wear always remember a few simple rules, don't wear white, it's the bride's day and don't wear black (unless the event is black tie), you're not at a funeral. Personally I like a print in a simple silhouette, or something with color and texture. You don't want to stick out, but you don't want to blend in either. Depending on day or night accessorize appropriately and prepare to dance your heart out! 

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