Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fantasy Fashion Becomes Reality

Oh Christian Louboutin, how you taunt me with your red soles. My feet ache to be embraced by your soft leather and are willing to endure any pain that may accompany your handsome heels.
Christian Louboutin $1070
These beautiful Christian Louboutin booties are on my wishlist of dream shoes, but with a price tag of $1070 I may be wishing for a long time.  Guiseppe Zanotti, I dote on you and your sleek, sophisticated style, never knowing if I will be able to strut down the street with you on my feet.
Guiseppe Zanotti, $850
Striking and surreal, these Guiseppe Zanotti booties are a little more reasonable at $850.  Oh who am I kidding?  By the time I've saved enough for these, it will be next fall!  While I am constantly torn between my love of high fashion and what is realistically in the realms of my budget, I never fear that I can't be as stylish.  Pour La Victoire has a bootie that blows me away.  The best part, it's only $286!  This is without a doubt a staple for any wardrobe and worth investing a little extra in.  This is sure to be a style that will stick around.
Pour La Victoire $286

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