Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fantasy Fashion Becomes Reality

Well there is no denying it, clogs are one of the biggest trends for fall.  Everyone from Chanel to Prada are making them and celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Beckinsale are wearing them. What I wouldn't give to be BFFs with SJP just so I could have access to her closet, *sigh*. While I am all about keeping up with celebrity fashion trends, I'm sad to admit that I can't keep up with their price tags.

Prada, $595

Chanel, $945
They are beautiful with their fine crafted leather, chunky wooden platforms, and gold military studs, but way out of my budget.  Thanks to Jeffrey Campbell I can get the same look with a completely different price tag!  Leather, check, chunky wooden platform, check, military studs, check, convertible strap, BONUS, and the price is very nice!  The Jeffrey Campbell "Charli" is only $119. Dare I say, eat your heart out Chanel?!?
Jeffrey Campbell "Charli" $119

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