Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fantasy Fashion Becomes Reality

Well YSL you've managed to do it again, steal my heart that is.  Your Imperiale Platform Pumps are everything a shoe worshiping girl could dream up and more, the pebbled suede, the voluptuous curve of the sole, the racy spike heel and a ridiculous price to boot.  Celebrities love you too, Kristen Stewart, Lily Allen, Kate Beckinsale, Lady Gaga, how do you manage to do it time and time again?!?
Yves Saint Laurent, $795

You might as well stomp my heart to little bits as a $795 splurge would give me a heart-attack anyway. How to salvage my love for this shoe without sacrificing my piggy bank?  Dolce Vita to the rescue!  Their "Haywood" design cleverly mirrors your curvaceous appeal and falls within the realm of reasonable spending.  At $152 my heart skips a beat!
Dolce Vita, $152

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