Friday, October 22, 2010

Fashion Rx: Your weekly dose of what to wear!

This weekend your off to do some wine tasting with the girls. There's nothing like sharing delicious gossip with good friends and good spirits! You want to look nice, but not be overly dressy and you don't want to tip the scales too far into the casual range either.

The cure: Harmony from head to toe.
Keep the balance by using different fabrics, accessories, and cuts.  Take a nice pair of denim, like these JBrand Love Storys, with a wider leg and snug fit around the hips and top it with printed blouse. The billowiness of the blouse balances the fit of the denim and also helps to dress it up just a bit.  Wear a scarf around your neck, cute stud earrings, and some embellished but low heeled pumps.  Notice the shoes balance themselves,these Jeffrey Campbells have a lower heel, and a distressed look, but are accented with cute buckles on the toe.  The scarf and the earrings cancel each other out. Pull it all together with a peacoat in case it gets chilly, it's a great go-to coat for any occasion.

Side effect: A balanced ensemble does not mean all over equilibrium, make sure you balance what you drink to keep everything in check.

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