Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fantasy Fashion Becomes Reality

Pierre Hardy is,
 "...for chic, polished fashionistas looking to add elements of finesse to their wardrobe. The Hardy style aesthetic creates footwear like miniature architecture with clean lines and sculptural volume that tend towards simplicity. The result is a strong style that’s equal parts graphic and sensual. " --Barneys
I'm not going to lie, I like the way they think, and they certainly have a way of designing shoes that are perfect for a confident, strong woman, with an air of femininity and sexiness to them.  Take these lace up wedges for instance. More like a boot than a shoe, but can't you picture these with tights and a mini?!? That's hot! What's not hot, the price, $480 is a little steep.
Pierre Hardy, $480
At a more moderate level are these suede lace up wedges from Sam Edelman. Keeping in trend with Hardy's vision, they have clean lines and structural volume but a much softer shape, making them even more sexy in my eyes.  I prefer a pointed toe to a round toe, and I prefer $121 to $480! Now that's hot!
Sam Edelman, $121

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