Friday, December 10, 2010

Fashion Rx: Your weekly dose of what to wear!

Decided to have a decorating party did you? Invited that cute guy you've been crushing on, right? Hoping to catch him under the mistletoe? I bet you are! Tricky to plan an outfit that is appropriate for the occasion though, on one hand it's a party, on the other, you're decorating, and depending on how many ornaments you plan to put on your tree you could be doing work for a while.  You want to dress to impress, but be laid back at the same time.

The cure: Draped & Slouchy

Anthropologie created this outfit to be relaxed and comfortable but still accent your best assets.  The soft pullover "takes a new twist on the cozy winter warmer", layer it over the plaid button down to give the outfit interest while wearing it with straight-legged denim that hug your curves in all the right places.  Pair the ensemble with a basic suede bootie, like this one from Sam Edelman and accessorize with warm earth tones.

Side effects: You look so warm and inviting that looking in the mirror will make you want to cuddle up with yourself, make sure you wrap your arms around that someone special.

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