Friday, December 17, 2010

Fashion Rx: Your weekly dose of what to wear!

Heading home for the holidays? Maybe a visit to meet the parents? You want to dress to impress but want a look that is appropriate and won't cause daytime drama. My plan of attack, less is more, simple shapes and silhouettes will come off as sophisticated and put together.  Use your accessories to showcase your personality, just remember a little goes a long way.

The Cure: Parents love me!

Start with a simple belted shirt dress, flattering for all body types.  Grab a knit cardigan for warmth, something with a little volume is totally acceptable.  Add a pop of color with your handbag, keep your jewelry simple, and then allow your shoes to be your conversation starter, so long as you don't go overboard, you're sure to make a splash of an impression.

Side effects: Be mindful of the shoes you choose, make sure they highlight the best parts of your personality, those sexy stilettos you wore out the night before may be a bit much at first. Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

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