Monday, April 11, 2011

Cobalt Craze

How about a new hot hue for spring? Cobalt blue has been seen all over the runways from Mulberry to Rachel Roy.  Why is is so great you might ask?  According to InStyle Magazine,
" 'Cobalt is the new black!' declares Mulberry creative director Emma Hill.  Brighter than navy, deeper than royal blue, it adds a splash to everything from Ts to silky dresses".
 Cobalt can be worked into your wardrobe quite easily this season. It easily pairs well with white, lemon, and lilac.  For a bolder look add a dash of turquoise.  Accessorize with gunmetal  or silver jewelry and go neutral with your footwear for a look that is sleek and chic.
"When going with monochromatic cobalt, avoid frills in favor of clean, sleek lines.  Nude tones can be an understated extra. 'Cobalt is a shade that works with denim too,' says Hill, who chose slightly darker indigo boots for a "color-dipped effect" at her recent show".
 --InStyle, April 2011

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