Monday, June 20, 2011

American Classic

When I think of American Classic, I think about Ralph Lauren, the Kennedy's, Martha's Vineyard, Lauren Hutton, Katharine Hepburn, and most notably Jackie O.  This sense of style is timeless and effortless and yet not the easiest to master.  For some the simplicity isn't enough and they want to add something extra special, but this look is less about the clothes and more about you.

Keep to classic tailored lines and a subtle color palette of navy, white, red, and tan.  The sharp contrasts when combining these colors is enough to make you stick out, but not in the sore thumb kind of way. If you must add something to create interest, a stripe within this color family is best.  The clothes should fit, nothing should be too tight or too loose.  Keep accessories to a minimum. A neutral shoe or boot and simple gold accents are just enough to accentuate the look.  Less really is more, let your personality shine through.

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