Friday, June 10, 2011

Fashion Rx: Your weekly dose of what to wear!

As the temperatures continue to rise we wage war with our wardrobes, trying to keep cool and comfortable, but delightful and demure, revealing too much skin is a major faux pas.  Can you stay easy, breezy and refreshingly swell without skimping down to your skivvies? 

The Cure: Short and Sweet!

Now is not the time to max it out, make it short and sweet to beat the heat!  Choose breathable fabrics, like cotton, and consider light layers.  A chambray button down, layered over a white tank will take you from a frigid air conditioned office, to the sweltering sun outside by just removing a layer.  A simple striped skirt that falls just above the knee is cute and comfy. Pair with a strappy espadrille or a great flat sandal and you won't just win the battle with the heat, you'll look good doing it!

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