Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fall Shoe Report

New styles are pouring in daily, be sure to check out all the latest and greatest, including new trends for Fall.  Keep your eyes peeled for platform loafers, ankle wedges, pointy ankle boots, flat ankle boots (are you seeing a pattern!) stacked heel boots, flat knee-high boots, pointy flats, and sling-back bow pumps.  Girly with a twist seems to be the trendsetter this season.  Keep checking back for new styles, here are just a few.
Wowza! Black suede and tan wood make a striking pair. $139

Tall heels aren't grabbing all the attention this season. These little pumps give quite a punch with their metallic sparkle and sophisticated cut. The elastic lining ensure that they'll fit like a glove, too. $144

Not only is this wooden heeled, lace-up bootie good-looking, but it's also made eco-conscious materials and premium sheep suede. $128

Must be worn with bright red lipstick. $46

A new color and toe adornment on the ever popular pump. This shoe looks fantastic with dresses, narrow cut pants, jeans... $107

A classic and comfortable black leather wedge. $99

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