Monday, January 9, 2012

Go Gaga for Grape

Traditionally purple is the color of royalty, but who say's you can't share the wealth.  While it was reserved for those with power due to it's scarce nature, today this powerful hue is all over the runway.
According to InStyle,
"With its blend of warm(red) and cool(blue) hues, grape complements the undertones in every complexion. 'It's lavish and sensual,' says Angela Missoni, who made liberal use of it in her recent resort collection. Elegant yet never predictable, it works equally well on a sexy zip-front dress or sporty anorak."

It's easy to wear as it can stand on it's own, or can be used as the neutral in your ensemble. It can be combined with the likes of coral, teal, and ivory, strengthening either the red or the blue hue, or dare to contrast it with a spot of yellow.  Metallics are always an easy pairing. However you choose, wear this bright shade with your head held high!

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