Monday, January 2, 2012

Up and Coming

So what's trending now in the "resort" fashion collections? Everything's striped! From uniform skinny stripes to a mix and match of skinny and bold, to diagonal, prepare to add it to your closet.
When choosing a strip, don't let yourself fall into the same trap Jessica Simpson did, you remember what I'm talking about, the thick striped, form fitting, tea length dress.  Before I go off on all of the mistakes with that outfit, one of the major things was choosing a stripe that was too bold for her petite frame.  The smaller your stature the smaller your stripe should be.  Are there exceptions, sure if a top has an "accent" stripe, you can totally get away with a bolder stripe, just be sure that your figure isn't swallowed. Accessorize with solids and coordinating hues, and keep things simple, the stripes are stunners on their own.

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