Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fantasy Fashion Becomes Reality

With YSL on the forefront of spring fashion, I feel that it is appropriate to work YSL platform clogs into my wardrobe equation.
"Tasteful and luxurious, yet still keeping in mind contemporary lines and cutting-edge concepts, Yves Saint Laurent namesake sits prestigiously at the top of the fashion pyramid. " --Barneys
Tasteful + luxurious + contemporary lines + cutting-edge concepts, sounds like a formula for a fabulous pair of shoes, but YSL clogs + $490 price tag =  an empty wallet.  This is not a desirable result when I'm only starting to build my spring wardrobe.
Yves Saint Laurent, $490

A different formula that catches my eye, independant edge + bold + glamour = Seychelles clogs.  Seychelles mission statement, "To personify the Independent Edge while fulfilling your desires beyond what you dream and expect" exemplifies some of the same qualities YSL embraces in their designs. Seychelles clogs + $106 price tag = a happy girl with a new pair of shoes.
Seychelles, $106

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