Friday, January 7, 2011

Fashion Rx: Your weekly dose of what to wear!

The day has come and you have a major presentation to give at work.  In attendance, you've got the big wigs of the company, so you want to dress to impress.  You want to feel confident so you will have no problem making your power play.

The cure: Power pumps=power play

Embrace a tailored look with a pair of wide leg trousers,  worn with heels, the length of your leg will give you great stature and poise.  Top with a patterned silk blouse, classy and chic, and cover with a simple two-button blazer that compliments the colors of the blouse. Accessorize with a gold bangle and a statement stud earring. Your power pump for today...drumroll please....the Dolce Vita Hayword pump.  It will give you the height of a stiletto, the comfort of a wedge, and the visual appeal that says "I know what I'm doing".  With this shoe you will rock this look and your presentation.

Side effects: Rocking your presentation might sky rocket you to a promotion! Always dress to impress!

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