Monday, January 3, 2011

Go Wild!

For animal print! This trend has evolved and adapted to fashion throughout the ages, ever remaining classic when done right.  The fierce fashionista will stealthily stalk this trend through the boutique circuit, honing in on pieces that will be suitable to add to her wardrobe.  Once she has located the perfect piece she will pounce on her prey, snatching it up before a rival fashionista sees it.  How does she know what to choose? It's instinctual, knowing that less is more.  She may go for subtle pieces, shoes, scarves, etc.,  to accent her basic blacks and camels or her appetite might have her thirsting for something more satisfying and she chooses a dress or top that she pairs with black or red accessories depending on the mate she is trying to attract.  It's a fashionista eats fashionista world out there, wear your spots and stripes well.

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