Monday, February 28, 2011

Sweet Sweet Seventies Style

While some may cringe at the idea of clogs, bellbottoms, floppy hats, and jumpsuits, many have yet to experience the wild ride that is seventies fashion.  According to this month's InStyle,
"Filmy halters, floppy hats, turbans, safari jackets, beaded macrame, jumpsuits, and platforms. Rarely has a retro trend come roaring back so literally.  Inspired by last year's Yves Saint Laurent retrospective in Paris, designers mined the style of this decade for their inherent optimism.  Who can feel bad wearing these clothes?"
It's true, easy going material, fab silhouettes given color and pattern, your pants can be the party. Get gorgeous with these over the top looks.
"Do your hair big, line your eyes with kohl, and dress as if you're planning to stay out all night (even if you're in bed by 11). Yes the exaggerated sexiness, oversize accessories, and disco motifs are a tad costumey.  But don't knock them if you haven't tried them! Revel in the slinky fabrics and streamlined silhouettes--and day, pair them with simple sandals, a skinny belt, and a gold cuff or two."
InStyle, March 2011


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