Monday, February 21, 2011


It's time to move on from the heavy winter white wardrobe and into something lighter and more pure.  Pieces with flow and texture and materials like lace and chiffon bring new life to a trend that is changing with the temperature.  According to this month's InStyle,
"Designers had such a passion for purity that many began their runway shows with outfits that looked crafted from clouds.  Dolce & Gabbana used white almost exclusively, concluding their presentation with a striking lingerie-clad army of models.  No matter the silhouette--peasant blouse, Edwardian cutaway, classic blazer, or minimalist gown--white was a fresh choice."
Photos from InStyle Magazine, February 2011

Chunky cable knits must be packed away to make way for light and airy whites.  Add texture by "combining chiffon with poplin or layering lace over cotton". Incorporate sleek accessories and go for a metallic on foot to avoid weighing anything down.  Let your whites waft in the wind.

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