Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fantasy Fashion Becomes Reality

In 1921 a craftsman named Guccio Gucci opened his store to sell leather goods, and a legend was born. I have been oohing and ahhing Guccio's work since before I could walk, so how could I resist this simple yet sophisticated design of the Miss Bamboo Sandal ?!?  This beautiful double leather strap high heel sandal, with simple ankle strap and trademark horsebit ring buckle is just one of Gucci's many fine pieces of craftsmanship.  So what will fine Gucci craftsmanship cost you? Oh just $625.


Just $625 she says?!? I know, I know, I haven't totally lost it, I know you can still get fine craftsmanship for much much less.  For now I will pass on the Gucci's and focus my sights on a similar Bacio61 style. Lauched in 2010, Bacio61 fuses organic elements and modern influences to create a truly special style. The Vandois sandal features a similar double leather strap heel and the price is oh so nice, at $136.

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