Monday, May 23, 2011

Tangerine Tango

Bursting with sweetness, this hue is just as refreshing to wear as it is to eat.  This month's InStyle explains why,
"A staple of '60s Pop Art, tangerine is a brighter, more vibrant version of orange.  It projects confidence in an offbeat yet cheerful way.  Bonus: The punchy shade complements every complexion."

This shade can be paired with navy and gray for shocking appeal, or dashes of beige and hot pink for a subtler look.  It is easy to pull off as a separate, like a skirt with a simple white tee, or embrace it "full on" with an all over look.  "Layer with muted tones so the result doesn't come off as costumey".  This color is so full of vitality and energy wearing it is sure mood booster!

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