Friday, May 20, 2011

Fashion Rx: Your weekly dose of what to wear!

Lately I've been craving that beachy feel, the laid back, comfortable, effortless cool that is always acceptable while strolling the shores.  Believe it or not this style made its appearance on runways this season and is spreading beyond the sand.  So how can you pull it off when you're not at the beach?

The Cure: Baja Breeze

Many of the elements of this style are soft, washed out, and "artfully disheveled".  Look for woven and crocheted fabrics to communicate the comfortable, cool vibe of the look.  Maintain a neutral palate in your main pieces and add pops of punchy color with woven leather bracelets and colorful stone pendants.  Go easy on your feet with flats and sandals, but let them have a look of their own.  With a look like this, you'll be smelling the sea breeze in no time.

Side effects: Warning, this look is certainly not appropriate for the office, but is great for a weekend of lounging or running around.

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