Friday, May 27, 2011

Fashion Rx: Your weekly dose of what to wear!

Are you worried that if you don't add color to your wardrobe this summer that you'll come off as a Plain Jane? Don't be afraid to go for a more subdued look.  Just because neutrals are muted doesn't mean they will make you look mousy.

The Cure: Summer Neutral Sophistication

While color will always have a role is summer styles, neutrals are easy to work with and impossible to screw up.  Ivory, gray, beige and blush are a complimentary color combo.  The trick to pulling off this look is to layer on the texture.  Pleating, sparkle, knits, lace, ruching, and crochet details will enhance the subtle hues.  Make the detailing work for you, have it highlight your best assets, an embellished neckline will draw attention upward.  Add interest to your look with edgy accessories that add shine and maybe the slightest pop of color.  This is surely a "can do" style that is subtle and sophisticated.

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