Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fantasy Fashion Becomes Reality

I have to say I really do envy a woman who makes jeans and a tank top look like so much more than jeans and a tank top!  Jennifer Aniston has always made a "less is more" approach to fashion so trendy.  Here she is with boyfriend jeans, a white, tank, messenger bag and cute little lace up booties with socks that are so on trend.  Why am I going on and on about this look? Well once again I have spotted a celeb sporting a shoe that looks oh so familiar.

While I don't know the exact line Jen is wearing, I do know that you too can have this look if you stop in and purchase the "Water Row" bootie from Indigo by Clarks!  A classic shoe with a solid heel and double eyelet laces is perfect for throwing on with just about anything, case in point, see above!  Dress it up or down, but don't dress without it!

Indigo by Clarks "Water Row", $119

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