Friday, October 28, 2011

Fashion Rx: Your weekly dose of what to wear!

I often find that when the temperatures start to decrease I end up wearing more black and gray.  Could be a reflection of my mood with the cold, could be my subconscious thinking for some reason these colors will keep me warmer, whatever it is, this year I'm going to try to break the habit!

The Cure: Go Bright or Go Home!

Now I'm not saying to eliminate blacks and grays all together, they really are the foundation of any good wardrobe, but they need to be brightened up.  Find a pair of colored denim in a color that you're comfortable with and block it with a complimenting shade.  In this particular outfit we have a bright blue and green.  Use your black as a balancing piece as seen in the blazer and clutch, but throw another color into the mix in your shoe for contrast.

Disclaimer: Try not to color block with more than 3 colors otherwise you might start to look like a clown.
Neutrals don't count.

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