Monday, October 10, 2011

Red Red Wine

InStyle is at it again with their Color Crash Course and this month's honorary hue is Wine.  The "rich and unmistakably luscious, full-bodied fall favorite exudes feminine sophistication.  Why do the editor's love it?
"Even a teetotaler can appreciate the beauty of a velvety Bordeaux.  Translated to your wardrobe , this surprisingly versatile red-tinged purple conveys romance, as seen on Nina Ricci's fall runway.  And for those who fear color, it's a hue that never feels too conspicuous."
 From top to bottom and day to night, this a a color that clearly surprises.   If you decide not to go with wine all over pair it with neutrals like dark brown or bark, or play it up with dark inks or teals.  Gold accessories add warmth and an extra taste of luxe.

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  1. Love the dress on the left. It looks so comfortable. I think it would go well with some tights.