Monday, October 17, 2011

Leather Look-see

The look of leather typically suggests getting in touch with your inner bad girl, biker chic, or rock diva, but adding just a hint of leather can really sophisticate a look.
" ...leather details add an edgy and intriguing element. In a tweed chemise with contrasting brown leather pockets, you can be office-appropriate yet also say, 'I'm a closet hipster'.  A goddess gown with a faux leather bodice? Elegant and sultry all at once."
               --InStyle, October 2011

Little bits of leather also call to mind equestrian connotations with piping that are classically chic.  However you choose to wear it, leather can say so much more than "I'm a rebel".

If you've typically don't gravitate to this style start small with accents of leather trim necklines and ease your way into the look.  Don't have the money to splurge? Faux options are just as acceptable, pleather pants give you that tight fitted look with more movement.  Accessorize with floppy hats and strong shoes, from booties to stilettos you can't go wrong.

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