Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fantasy Fashion Becomes Reality

It is a Battle Royale for which pair of espadrille wedges will adorn my feet this season.  In one corner, the Yves Saint Laurent Medallion wedge. The woven leather open toe platform wedge with medallion at instep is tasteful and luxurious.  This spring YSL broke barriers fashioning their shoes with dramatic slopes and heel shapes.

YSL Medallion Wedge, $860
In the opposite corner, the Sam Edelman Leroy wedge. The twisted leather knot detail with raffia wrapped platform wedge heel make these a definite contender.
Sam Edelman "Leroy", about $150

 The shoes appear to be equally matched, both with open-toe, t-strap, and buckle closure, but the YSL wedge is a bit of a heavy weight at its $860 price point.  Sam Edelman weighs in at around $150.  For this fight, I have to go with the light-weight to get the same style without so heavy a price is a prize winning advantage.  Maybe next year YSL, if you drop a few dollars.

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