Monday, March 14, 2011

Lingering Lace

Having made its presence known in the uber-girlie trend this past season, lace is starting to make more of a statement on its own.
"Look what happens when lace leaves the Victorian era behind.  Applied to a tank vest instead of a high-collar blouse, or a shirtwaist instead of a boned-bodice gown, the ultimate girlie fabric takes on a modern twist.  Suddenly lace doesn't just feel cool. It is cool."--InStyle, March 2011

 When worn the right way, lace is sexy, sophisticated, and surely stylish! How does one wear it this season?
"While a diaphanous Chantilly gown is still as lush as satin sheet, keep the seductiveness in check.  A drapey T, tablecloth mini, or peekaboo ballet flats dive day wear a fresh, graceful edge.  Avoid color.  Black, white, or nude looks richer and more alluring.  Whether natural or brushed on, the only color to grace your face should be a faint blush." --Instyle, March 2011

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